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Conflict Resolution And Child Custody - 1365 Words

Conflict Resolution Child Custody As a future marital and family therapist and even as a trainee, it is important to understand the systemic thinking behind the practice. For those therapists, like myself, that want to become experts in more an area, it is also important to delve into the theory and practice of that area. For example, child custody is a big piece to conflict resolution when it comes to thinking systemically in the family. The current divorce rate is around 50 percent and ever rising, which can be troubling yet promising when it comes to the mediation field. For the judicial system, this causes case overload, tired workers, and a lot of fees for the citizens going to the family courts. One of the biggest things that could potentially stop a family from being happy with their results is if the courts assign them custody agreements without thinking about each individual factor. Each family is different and there is no cookie cutter answer when it comes to child custody. If the family is assigned a family mediator, not only will it save long term costs, it can help ensure each party feels heard and they are voluntarily agreeing to the terms. Reasoning for Choosing Topic When assigned this paper, I had no idea what to write about, since the conflict resolution is so broad. But I sat down and thought about why I decided to take this class and why I wanted to get my mediation certificate. As I said in class, I have seen really poor mediation, I have seenShow MoreRelated`` Popular Mechanics `` By Raymond Carver1617 Words   |  7 Pagesintroduction of the characters, setting, and plot. The short story has a face paced touch, which moves quickly towards the climax and released the resolution right after. The short story was narrated in third person in order to reveal the actions and the dialogue between a man and a woman which expressed separation, struggle, miscommunication, and conflict between the couple. In the beginning of the short story there was already a sense of separation between the couple through how the husband or boyfriendRead MoreCross-Cultural Mediation Essay2091 Words   |  9 Pagescross-cultural conflict scenario in which a medi ator must apply the appropriate skills to resolve the conflict. In order to resolve these types of conflicts mediators must apply a non-bias approach to the conflict because the mediator must perceive and identify the cultural differences in order to appropriately resolve the conflict. The mediator must facilitate communication, and they must invoke trust with the disputants for successful cross-cultural conflict resolution. The conflict discussed inRead MoreThe Divorce Of Chicago Divorce1252 Words   |  6 Pagesrepresent an individual in family court. The assistance of other professionals may also become necessary. For example, if custody or visitation is contested, the court may appoint a Guardian ad Litem to conduct an investigation. Guardians charge hourly for their services as well, and the parties are responsible for these costs. Should the services of forensic accountants, child psychologists, or other professionals become necessary to resolve certain issues, the parties are also responsible for thoseRead MoreContext and History of Conflict Paper1336 Words   |  6 Pagesï » ¿Context and History of Conflict Paper This essay will discuss the issues between two people, Robert and Denise Patton, along with how these issues affect their two children. To enable an understanding of the problem a summary of the nature and history of the conflict has been given. In addition, a look at the interaction of interests, goals, and the power of each party allows an understanding of each person’s position and role in the conflict as well as personal attempts at resolution of the problem. InRead MoreMovie Analysis : Mrs. Doubtfire1629 Words   |  7 Pagesrequested a divorce from the husband (Daniel) and has denied him custody of their three children (Lydia, Chris, and Natalie). In response, the husband chooses to dress up as an elderly woman and is hired as the housekeeper and children’s nanny (Mrs. Doubtfire). The film portrays divorce using a comedic element. After the Mrs. Doubtfire is revealed to be the husband in disguise the mother petitions the court and is granted full custody. However , the children do not adjust to this change well. The children’sRead MoreA Brief Note On Alternative Dispute Resolution And Other Forms Of Helping Professions1462 Words   |  6 PagesAlternative Dispute Resolution Conflict resolution is used in various aspects of counseling and other forms of helping professions. It is vital that conflicts between opposing parties are managed in order for progress to be achieved. By maintaining a controlled environment during the negotiation process, the two parties will often be able to come to a resolution of their differences. Sometimes it can be difficult for two parties to work together without the help of a third party to assist in theRead MoreThe Code And The Deontological Decision Making Model962 Words   |  4 Pagesprovided, and resolve the ethical dilemma. The ethical dilemma in this case involves a 6-year-old child who was diagnosed with meningitis. The divorced parents are of different religious beliefs, and have differing opinions regarding treatment. The ethical problems are multifaceted. The author of this paper believes the primary ethical prototype is the ethical dilemma of whether or not to treat the child. Defined as â€Å"a situation that involves two (or more) morally correct courses of action that cannotRead MoreSelf Reflection Paper On Conflict1399 Words   |  6 PagesA conflict that I have chose to write about is from one of my own experiences. Suchlike, my parent’s divorce in the year of 2007. I have chosen to write about this topic because I was in the middle of the dispute, therefore I know all components of the conflict. If I would have chosen a historical event at a different level, it is possible that I would not know all the details or possibly confuse part of the facts. I would not say writing about my o wn conflict is any easier because there are stillRead MoreLearning From Conflict Is The Best Of All Experiences1630 Words   |  7 PagesIn the words of Alexa Rosa, â€Å"learning from conflict is the best of all experiences. It brings out the true shine in our souls.† This quote to me is the best way to explain how the mediations in this course have shaped me in becoming a better mediator. There are things I had to overcome in this course and those are, being nervous, not being as confident as I should, and being able to go more in depth in a situation you have never faced to find a solution that fits both parties. I would like toRead MoreA Separate Juvenile Justice System1003 Words   |  5 Pageswith delinquency, such as poor school performance or lack of conflict resolution skills. There are many ways in which problems related to juveniles and delinquency may come to the attention of the community 1. RECOMMENDATIONS Recommendations are made for a more purposeful juvenile justice system. 1. Collective responsibility There is a duty on everyone to ensure the proper development, the promotion and protection and welfare of the child. This function should not and must not be left to a group of

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